High Road Training Partnerships

The High Road Training Partnerships (HRTP) initiative started as a $10M demonstration project designed to model partnership strategies for the state. Ranging from transportation to health care to hospitality, the HRTP model embodies the sector approach championed by the Board — industry partnerships that deliver equity, sustainability, and job quality. Along with these program investments, the Board is producing a body of policy and principle to guide related undertakings across the workforce system. Indeed, the initiative was designed as a campaign — to advance a field of practice that simultaneously addresses urgent questions of income inequality, economic competitiveness, and climate change through regional skills strategies designed to support economically and environmentally resilient communities across the state. The industry-based, worker-focused training partnerships build skills for California’s “high road” employers — firms that compete based on quality of product and service achieved through innovation and investment in human capital, and can thus generate family-supporting jobs where workers have agency and voice.

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Award Announcement

Award Announcement:  California receives Education Stabilization Fund—Reimagine Workforce Preparation (ESF–RWP) Grants Program dollars to support High Road Training Partnerships and High Road Construction Careers.

See the full announcement here.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Administration Guidelines

The Guidelines for California Workforce Development Board Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Administration were drafted and posted for public comment through June 15, 2020.  The document contains edits as a reflection of public comment received.  Where applicable, edits will also be incorporated into Requests for Applications for these funds.

The Guidelines for California Workforce Development Board Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Administration

Low Carbon Economy Workforce Program

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HRTP Low Carbon Economy Workforce Program Request for Applications

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The California Workforce Development Board is pleased to announce High Road Training Partnership Awards for the closed solicitation.

Closed Solicitation Award List

Open Solicitation Award List

Important Dates for Open Solicitation #59210

Award AnnouncementFebruary 2021*
Program Start DateJune 1, 2021*
Grant TermJune 1, 2021 – March 31, 2023 (22-Months)

*Note – All dates after the final proposal submission deadline are approximate and may be adjusted as conditions dictate.