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The California Workforce Development Board (State Board) was established in 1998, as outlined in the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA). In 2014, the WIA was replaced by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which outlines the vision and structure through which state workforce training and education programs are funded and administered regionally and locally.

The State Board is responsible for the oversight and continuous improvement of the workforce system in California, which encompasses a wide array of work, including: policy development; workforce support and innovation; and performance assessment, measurement and reporting.

WIOA mandates the creation of a statewide strategic workforce plan. In 2016, the State Board, in conjunction with its statewide partners, released the Unified Strategic State Plan, which was then updated in 2018. This plan is built around three policy objectives, which are intended to guide state policy and practice across partner programs, as well as inform local policy and service delivery. These objectives are:

  • Fostering demand-driven skills attainment
  • Enabling upward mobility for all Californians
  • Aligning, coordinating and integrating programs and services

The State Plan outlines specific strategies with which to achieve these overarching strategic goals. To read an executive summary, or the State Plan in full, visit the State Plan page in the Plans and Policies section of the website.

In conjunction with the State Plan, the State Board manages multiple grants and initiatives aimed at reorienting and realigning California’s workforce programs and institutions, to support a dynamic and globally successful state economy that offers all residents an opportunity for a higher quality of life. To learn more about the State Board’s current initiatives, visit the Initiatives page.

All members of the Board are appointed by the Governor and represent the many facets of workforce development: business, labor, public and higher education, economic development, youth activities, employment and training, and legislative affairs. The Board meets on a regular basis and the public is encouraged to attend the meetings, the dates and agendas for which can be found under State Board, Meetings and Archives.

The statewide workforce development system is comprised of 45 Local Areas, each with its own Local Workforce Development Board. Learn more about Local Workforce Development Boards and America’s Job Centers of California under Local Boards.

State Board Staff

Executive Team
Tim Rainey
Executive Director
Tim was appointed by Governor Brown on November 22, 2011. As the Executive Director, Tim leads the State Board staff in assisting the Governor in the development, oversight, and continuous improvement of California’s workforce development system. Previously, Tim was the director of the Workforce and Economic Development Program (WED) of the California Labor Federation, where he was responsible for policy development at the state and local level, and brokering industry-based training partnerships among unions, employers, community organizations, education, and public workforce agencies. He was also the Policy Director for the California Workforce Association, and a consultant to the Senate Democratic Caucus of the California State Senate. Tim enjoys spending time with his family. Full Bio >>
Chris Masami Myers
Chief Deputy Director
Chris is an experienced leader who has brought a wealth of team management experience to the State Board. Previously, Chris was the Executive Director for the California Democratic Party, where he learned that the more you invest in people, the greater the return. At the State Board, he enjoys working with staff from various backgrounds who come together as a team to help those with barriers to employment obtain a quality job.  When not keeping the teamwork going, Chris is focused on family, sports and being a little league coach to his two boys.
Laura Caputo
Deputy Director, Policy Implementation and Administrative Support
Laura combines her love of financial analysis and her problem solving skills to streamline processes and create organizational efficiencies; she does her best to make the State Board operate like a well-oiled machine. Laura has worked in civil service for 10 years, starting out as a fiscal analyst in the Department of Social Services, then moving on to a Finance Manager at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  Prior to joining the State Board, she worked jointly as the Manager of the Financial Management Unit and Chief of Staff for the Workforce Services Division at the Employment Development Department.  Her experience has taught her the art of fostering change in a progress-averse environment.  In her free time, Laura enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with family.
Joelle Hurst
Deputy Director, Program Implementation & Regional Support
Joelle has been with the state for over 25 years, and working with the State Board for more than 16.  She loves working with smart, passionate people to create programs that make training and good job opportunities available to Californians most in need. In her role, Joelle connects regional and field implementation with innovative strategies to help create new solutions for the greater workforce community. Through her years at the State Board, she has learned to take every opportunity to learn from people around her: co-workers, colleagues, grantees, and stakeholders. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, doing anything creative from cooking to art and music, and mentoring the next generation of public servants.
Daniel Rounds
Deputy Director, Research, Policy, and Legislation
Daniel oversees the work of the State Plan and Policy Development Team. Prior to working for the State Board, Daniel worked for the California State Senate and the Service Employees International Union, Local 1000.  At the State Board, Daniel works with the managers of the Corrections Workforce Partnership project, the CAAL-Skills data-sharing and performance reporting project, and the policy, research, and legislative unit to ensure the implementation of policies consistent with the vision of the State Workforce Plan.
Sarah White
Deputy Director, Equity, Climate and Jobs
Sarah is charged with aligning the state’s progressive jobs and training agenda with its ambitious climate and environmental goals. Before joining the State Board, Sarah spent a decade at COWS, a national policy center at the University of Wisconsin, dedicated to high-road economic development. Her work with the ECJ team focuses on the intersection of labor, education, and climate policy at the state and federal level, and she is a national expert on jobs and training in the clean energy economy. She has written widely on inequality, decarbonization, and social change, including the study, Greener Reality: Resilience, Equity, and Skill Formation in a Cleaner U.S. Economy. Sarah loves the outdoors, and can often be found hiking with her dogs.
Program Implementation & Regional Support


Gloria Earl
Regional Project Manager
The unofficial office cheerleader, Gloria brings a positive energy to both staff and workforce partners throughout the region.  With 30 years in customer service, including 18 years in case management and analysis, Gloria is honored to be a part of a mission to improve the workforce development system by supporting innovation throughout the State of California.  Her career has taught her that flexibility, communication and support are key in any industry. As a regional project manager, Gloria is constantly utilizing those skills through her work with the statewide regional planning initiatives and partners.  When she’s not organizing and managing regional partners, Gloria is spending time with family and friends, dancing, volunteering, and working for the Sacramento Kings.
Adam Espinoza
Program Analyst
Adam works closely with initiative partners throughout the state.  He previously worked as a full cycle accounting and finance recruiter, where emphasizing relationship development and communication enabled him to navigate through adverse situations, while ensuring his client’s needs were met.  As a program analyst, Adam aims to create sustainable partnerships and opportunities for California’s Labor Force for years to come. Adam loves sports and music and spending time with his puppy, Winnie.
Cindy Harrington
Branch Manager
At the State Board, Cindy oversees many of the projects and initiatives taking place throughout California. Previously, Cindy was the Executive Director for the Humboldt County Workforce Development Board, where she was responsible for overseeing mandated programs, designing new programs and developing formalized partnerships with a variety of stakeholders. As the Manager in the Program Implementation and Regional Support Branch, she finds it exciting to see the varied projects, innovative approaches and collaborative partnerships agencies are taking to make great things happen across California. Outside of work, Cindy loves gardening, art and spending time with family.
Shrayas Jatkar
Senior Policy & Program Analyst, Equity, Climate and Jobs
Shrayas has been passionate about economic, social, and environmental justice since he was a teenager.  He has previously worked on major energy and transportation policies, which helps him understand the changes that are re-shaping these industries and the impact that has on jobs and skills. His work in implementing policy and communicating that to the workforce field has helped him develop the research and organizing skills he now brings to the State Board. Through ECJ policy, he is excited to address good jobs, environmental protection, and access to quality training and employment in a holistic way.  In addition to his work, Shrayas enjoys spending time outdoors biking and hiking.  He is a fan of the arts, including music and photography.
Suzie Vang
Program Analyst
In her role, Suzie enjoys learning about various grant-related projects and seeing how grantees strive to assist and support populations by breaking barriers and creating pathways to employment. Previously, Suzie worked with the City of Sacramento to create a pipeline for youth ages 18-24 to connect them to public sector jobs. She also gained workforce development knowledge while employed with La Familia Counseling, Inc. Working at the local level has taught Suzie that systemic change is possible. As a program analyst, Suzie enjoys witnessing the evolution of a project over time and seeing tangible project outcomes. Suzie is an avid reader and loves learning about new cultures and trying their food.
Danielle Vienna 
Program Manager
Danielle loves that her work directly impacts those in need and helps them have access to quality jobs and a better quality of life. Before joining the State Board, Danielle worked as a Communications & Public Relations Manager, where she had to learn how to market and brand a variety of products across different audiences, environments, and industries. Having to juggle the very specific and varied needs of multiple products under various subsidiaries has allowed her to successfully manage multiple initiatives at the State Board. Danielle believes that successfully managing initiatives requires collaboration and partnership; she truly enjoys working with people.  A true Disney fanatic, Danielle is undoubtedly planning her next trip to Disneyland or Disney World.
Edwin Vinson 
Program Analyst
Before arriving at the State Board, Edwin gained sixteen years of experience in social services. His prior management and analytical experience has allowed him to develop an ear for understanding and a voice of reason when interacting with others. As a program analyst, he enjoys helping grantees develop innovative solutions to workforce problems. A sports fan, Edwin enjoys attending and tracking professional sports, sightseeing, attending social functions and meeting new people.
Der Xiong
Program Analyst
Der comes to the State Board with experience running a WIOA Out of School Youth program in the nonprofit sector. In that role, Der was responsible for all aspects of work, including recruiting, screening, enrolling, training and case managing. That experience prepared her with grassroots organizing and project management skills for her work as a Program Analyst. In her current role, she enjoys working alongside passionate leaders at the state, regional, local, and community levels. She is inspired by those leaders whose dedication and hustle have improved and continue to transform the workforce system to better service communities in need. Der loves to travel and dreams of future backpacking trips in exotic locales.
Policy Implementation & Administrative Support


Tom Bates
Financial and Business Services Manager
Tom likes to say he keeps the office doors open at the State Board.  From facilities management, to procurement, to budgeting and keeping track of funds, Tom has continued to grow along with the office. Tom finds great satisfaction in accomplishing the various aspects of office administration. He has done a variety of work, from office management in Waikiki, Hawaii, to making the best pizzas in Sacramento.  Prior to his work at the State Board, Tom worked in the Judicial Branch, to which he attributes his ability to create an effective budget shop at the State Board.  Tom loves spending time with his family and friends at the beach, and taking his Harley Davidson out for a ride.
Michael Dowdy
Network Administrator
Michael’s role as the Information Technology officer at the State Board allows him to come into contact with all staff members of the organization and develop personal relationships with his colleagues.  He aids all levels of staff in managing various technology-related needs, from cyber-related security, to website administration. Previously, Michael worked for the Department of Corrections and the State Controller’s Office, where he developed the belief that communication, coupled with technical knowledge, can overcome the divide that hinders solutions. Michael enjoys having good personal-professional relationships with his colleagues. In his free time, he enjoys playing saxophone, songwriting, golfing and fishing.
Katherine Rose
Communications Analyst
Katie is a skilled communications professional with a passion for writing and graphic design. She works with the State Board initiatives to develop communications strategies, including brand development, website improvement, designing printed and web-based materials, and creating electronic outreach. Prior to joining the State Board, Katie worked in both the private and public sector, where she managed staff and developed communications and brand strategies. A frequent contributor to State Board initiatives, Katie loves strategizing and planning programs that bring innovation and learning to the workforce community. Katie is an avid traveler, who is always dreaming up her next trip.
Natasha San Nicolas
Fiscal Analyst 
As a fiscal analyst, Natasha is uses her exceptional problem solving skills to assist grantees to fiscally manage their projects. Previously, she assisted all levels of State Board staff as the Executive Assistant and was a payroll administrator for a private construction company where she handled human resources and payroll duties for over 300 employees. The experience she gained while working with a large number of staff and customers allowed her to build working relationships and get time sensitive issues resolved quickly. In addition to her work, Natasha enjoys spending time with her extended family and being a mom to her kids.
Pamela Stephenson
Fiscal Analyst 
Pam contributes to the administration team by managing the many elements of fiscal administration of State Board grants. Prior to joining the State Board, Pam learned to work under pressure and with extreme time constraints in the contracts unit at the Department of Social Services. There, she became a master multitasker and organizer, which she attributes to her ability to manage multiple projects at the State Board. Pam loves to spend time with her three kids. She also plays in a softball league, and does cosplay at conventions and for volunteer events.
State Plan & Policy Development
Rafael Aguilera
Field Specialist
Rafael is a policy practitioner working with the State Board’s re-entry initiatives and is often on the road, presenting these initiatives to workforce partners throughout the state. As a former Capitol Staffer, Rafael has had the opportunity to perform policy analysis and political strategy work with the last three Majority Leaders and two Speakers on issues ranging from workforce, climate, energy and parliamentary procedure. At the State Board, Rafael enjoys the challenge of crafting simple solutions to complex problems. Whether its state level climate policy, facilitating community engagement, or improving labor outcomes for re-entry population, he enjoys having meaningful work and making a lasting impact in communities around the state.  Outside of work, he enjoys, reading, gardening, and consuming local craft food and beverages.
Ashley Anglesey
WIOA Research and Policy Analyst
Ashley loves being a researcher and working in the policy and legislation arena because of the positive impact informed policy can have. Prior to being at the State Board, Ashley authored two research papers that were accepted to the Western Psychological Association (WPA) and American Psychological Association’s (APA) annual research conferences, and volunteers for the non-profit organization American Association of University Women (AAUW) as the director of public policy for the Sacramento Branch.  Ashley enjoys advocating for women and girls and other underrepresented groups.  She is an avid road tripper and loves going to see live music.
Joe Flores
Research Analyst, Workforce Corrections Partnership
In his role as a researcher for the Workforce Corrections Partnership, Joe enjoys the opportunity to share the latest information with partners who will help make the initiative a success. Previously, Joe worked at the City Auditor’s Office for the City of Sacramento, where he co-authored the 2016 Audit of the City’s Gender and Ethic Diversity report. Joe frequently spoke at public forums, where he addressed solutions to the improvement of hiring diverse staff and evaluating city programming. Active in the local community, Joe is a Commissioner for the City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation for District 5.
Patrick Getz
Information Technology Project Manager, CAAL-Skills
Currently on loan from the Department of Technology, Patrick manages a team of contractors and staff to oversee the Cross-System Analytics and Assessment for Skills Attainment (CAAL-Skills) project. Patrick has over 20 years of experience as an independent consultant where he served state and local government and private sector clients as an Information Technology Manager and Project Manager.  Much of his recent experience includes the implementation of investment and risk management systems for the California Public Employees’ Retirement System. Patrick also managed the implementation of the Victim Restitution, Commissary, Banking and Accounting System for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Outside of work, Patrick enjoys spending time with family, going to church, being outdoors, beekeeping, and family history research.
Myke Griseta
Lead Researcher, Corrections-Workforce Partnership
Myke is a valuable researcher at the State Board.  He enjoys working with economic, demographic, and geospatial data to develop research and policies that make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.  Prior to working at the State Board, Myke has worked both in the private and public sector with organizations that specialize in urban and regional planning.  He enjoys seeing programs that work and meeting the people who make programs successful.  Myke is an avid outdoorsman, long distance runner, and a lifelong Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bulls fan.
Sandra Hamameh
Legislative Coordinator, Research and Policy Specialist
Sandra enjoys finding creative solutions to complex issues through connection and collaboration. With experience in vocational rehabilitation counseling, housing policy advocacy, labor representation, and training and development, she has a broad range of skills in the field of workforce development. Prior to joining state service, Sandra worked with local community based organizations delivering job readiness training, building partnerships, aligning resources, and advancing policies aimed at improving employment outcomes for individuals exiting homelessness. Sandra values quality time with family and friends, embarking on foodie adventures, traveling to places near and far, and discovering picturesque local hikes with her dog.
Elizabeth Holm
Technical Analyst, CAAL-Skills
As part of the CAAL-Skills team, Elizabeth’s project responsibilities include contract management, data analysis, compliance, and administration. Elizabeth’s role provides her the opportunity to build strong relationships with other workforce system partners and contribute to the implementation of a new state solution. Prior to joining the State Board, Elizabeth worked as the HIPAA / Privacy Coordinator for the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS). There, she gained expertise in information security and privacy compliance and experience in program administration and contract management. When outside of work, Elizabeth likes to spend time with her boyfriend and dog. She also likes to work out, travel, and watch reality television.
Curtis Notsinneh
Corrections Workforce Partnership Manager
Curtis is a seasoned policy wonk, political operative, and project manager. He oversees daily operations and implementation of the Corrections Workforce Partnership and Prison to Employment grant program because he believes in the power of redemption and second chances. Prior to joining the State Board, he served as director of public affairs for a federally recognized tribal government and co-chaired a national tribal gaming PAC. Curtis began his career with over a dozen years of service as a legislative staffer, and has served on numerous public and private boards. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and cooking.
Bethany Renfree
Policy, Research and Legislative Manager
Bethany loves being immersed in legislation and research and observing and contributing to the art of policymaking. Prior to joining the State Board, Bethany worked in the California Senate as a consultant on women’s issues and was the lead staff for the Senate Select Committee on Women, Work and Families. Bethany’s love of policymaking and research make her a perfect fit for her role as Policy, Research and Legislative Manger, as it combines all the excitement of legislative work with the interesting endeavors of research.  When she’s not geeking out on research and policy, Bethany is writing and participating in her kid’s various activities.
Loren Shimanek
Senior Evaluation and Performance Specialist
Through his work at the State Board, Loren enjoys helping elevate what works and sharing workforce system success. Loren has a background in economic sociology, organizational culture, and mixed-method research, as well as experience applying and utilizing labor market statistics and occupation and skills research to inform policy, evaluation, and performance. His experience helps him better understand California’s workforce development system and provides a basis for how outcomes, both quantitative and qualitative, drive continuous improvement, program effectiveness, and collective impact.  Loren enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering in his community, being outdoors and collecting and obsessing over obscure records.