About Us

The California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) was established in 1998, as outlined in the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA). In 2014, the WIA was replaced by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which outlines the vision and structure through which state workforce training and education programs are funded and administered regionally and locally.

The CWDB is responsible for the oversight and continuous improvement of the workforce system in California, which encompasses a wide array of work, including: policy development; workforce support and innovation; and performance assessment, measurement and reporting.

WIOA mandates the creation of a statewide strategic workforce plan. In 2016, the CWDB, in conjunction with its statewide partners, released the Unified Strategic State Plan, which was then updated in 2018. This plan is built around three policy objectives, which are intended to guide state policy and practice across partner programs, as well as inform local policy and service delivery. These objectives are:

  • Fostering demand-driven skills attainment
  • Enabling upward mobility for all Californians
  • Aligning, coordinating and integrating programs and services

The State Plan outlines specific strategies with which to achieve these overarching strategic goals. To read an executive summary, or the State Plan in full, visit the State Plan page in the Plans and Policies section of the website.

In conjunction with the State Plan, the CWDB manages multiple grants and initiatives aimed at reorienting and realigning California’s workforce programs and institutions, to support a dynamic and globally successful state economy that offers all residents an opportunity for a higher quality of life. To learn more about the CWDB’s current initiatives, visit the Initiatives page.

All members of the Board are appointed by the Governor and represent the many facets of workforce development: business, labor, public and higher education, economic development, youth activities, employment and training, and legislative affairs. The Board meets on a regular basis and the public is encouraged to attend the meetings, the dates and agendas for which can be found under State Board, Meetings and Archives.

The statewide workforce development system is comprised of 45 Local Areas, each with its own Local Workforce Development Board. Learn more about Local Workforce Development Boards and America’s Job Centers of California under Local Boards.

Below are the names of the members of the CWDB team organized by branch. Click on the name to find out more about the team member.

Executive Team


Information Technology Director

  • Position Available, Information Technology Specialist II
  • Evelyn Kuzmenko, Information Technology Specialist I

Program Implementation & Regional Support

Deputy Director



Program Section 1

  • Angela Mendibles, Staff Services Manager II
  • Position Available, Staff Services Manager I


Unit 1A

  • DeAngelo Jenkins, Associate Governmental Program Analyst
  • Justin Erby, Associate Governmental Program Analyst
  • Samantha Brumbaugh, Associate Governmental Program Analyst


Unit 1B



Program Section 2

  • Craig White, Associate Governmental Program Analyst
  • Annalise Burney, Associate Governmental Program Analyst
  • Position Available, Staff Services Manager II


Unit 2A


Unit 2B

  • Chan Saechao, Staff Services Manager I
  • Tatiana De Leon, Program Analyst
  • Samantha Moon, Program Analyst



Program Section 3

  • Danielle Vienna, Staff Services Manager II
  • Megan Bailey, Associate Governmental Program Analyst


Unit 3A


Unit 3B

Policy, Research and Legislation Branch

Deputy Director


State Plan & Policy


Statewide Partnerships Team

  • Sherry MungStaff Services Manager II
  • Kerry ChangStaff Services Manager
  • Krysta Wanner, Staff Services Manager
  • Carlos BeltranStaff Services Manager
  • Position Available, Staff Services Manager
  • Joe FloresResearch Data Specialist II


Data Management and Administration

  • Munny ChitneniInformation Technology Manager I
  • PK Govindankutty, Information Technology Specialist II
  • Susan ChenInformation Technology Specialist I
  • Evan Costa, Information Technology Associate
  • Marek KilanowskiData Architect (Consultant)
  • Ramu Goda, Data Architect (Consultant)

Equity, Climate, and Jobs Field Branch

Deputy Director

  • Vacant, Deputy Director, Equity, Climate and Jobs


Equity, Climate, and Jobs Field Branch


Industry Convener


Partnership Alignment 


Operations & Policy Implementation

Deputy Director


Finance and Business Services

  • Clare Owen-McComas, Staff Services Manager I
  • Marissa Medeiros, Associate Governmental Program Analyst 
  • Kae Chin, Associate Governmental Program Analyst 
  • Mikal Mitchell, Associate Budget Analyst



  • Anna Champe, Communications Manager 
  • Ross Villegas, Associate Governmental Program Analyst 
  • Astrid Qirko, Associate Governmental Program Analyst 
  • Aldo Montijo, Associate Governmental Program Analyst


Personnel Team

  • Jeff Jacobstein, Human Resources Manager
  • Natasha San NicolasAssociate Governmental Program Analyst 
  • Tina CaseyAssociate Governmental Program Analyst
  • Stephanie PolettiStaff Services Analyst


Grant Development, Selections, and Agreements

  • Myke Griseta, Staff Services Manager II
  • Chainey Brown-Patterson, Grant Development and Selections Analyst
  • Damon DeLeon, Grants Analyst
  • Nhaquynh Hoang, Grants Analyst