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High Road

High Road Training Partnerships (HRTP) and High Road Construction Careers (HRCC) a systemic approach to industry-based workforce development addressing critical issues of equity, job quality, worker voice, and environmental sustainability.

CAAL Skills

An interagency and multi-departmental data-sharing and program evaluation initiative that uses detailed information from federal and state-funded workforce, education, and human services programs to measure participation and associated outcomes for program participants.

Regional CA

Work to stimulate economic growth, create jobs and build the talent needed to increase income mobility and regional prosperity through collaboration among multiple workforce systems and bringing workforce leaders together.

Prison to Employment

Creates opportunities through collaborative partnerships with state workforce programs and the state corrections systems so that formerly incarcerated and justice-involved individuals can successfully reenter society and the labor force.

Workforce Accelerator Fund

Funds projects that design, develop, and implement programs that accelerate employment and provide access to workforce services and employment opportunities for targeted groups and disadvantaged populations.


Increases employment opportunities and job mobility for formerly incarcerated and justice-involved individuals through partnerships with reentry-focused organizations that provide training, reskilling and upskilling, and supportive services.

Breaking Barriers

Supplements existing workforce and education programs by providing services to target populations who are often not eligible for other state and federal programs in an effort to address disparities in the labor market.

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In the Spotlight

Sacramento, CA – Ten Californians recently graduated from Chef Ann Foundation’s Healthy School Food Pathway (HSFP) Fellowship program. Participants completed over 400 hours of comprehensive training across 12 months, earning certificates through the School Food Institute and UCLA Extension Food Studies program. Funding for the program came from the California Workforce Development Board’s High Road Training Partnership (HRTP) Initiative, which focuses on developing career pathways in high-quality employment with competitive wages, comprehensive benefits, and career advancement.

Chef Ann Foundation strategically engaged with the Department of Labor and the Division of Apprenticeship Standards, resulting in a High Road pre-apprenticeship, registered apprenticeship, and the Healthy School Food Pathway Fellowship program. They also secured formal partnerships within the K-12 school system. Senior Coordinator Natalie Vandenburgh relates their outreach strategy to building a web of workforce connections that included education, agriculture, labor/workforce development, and other non-profits.

Recent graduates from Chef Ann Foundation’s Healthy School Food Pathway (HSFP) Fellowship program

Curtis Notsinneh and Myke Griseta

Liz Estavillo Valdez found her passion for nutrition after her first career left her feeling unfulfilled. Returning to school, she became a registered dietitian and worked to become the Director of Child Nutrition Services at Bassett Unified School District. With the support of her superintendent and team, she enrolled in the HSFP Program. Valdez was eager to receive this high-level training and shared, “Nine times out of ten, you’re given an apron and thrown into the kitchen without enough training.”

As a robust HRTP, the HSFP Fellowship Program gave Valdez the skills to pursue her passion and create a greater impact. Throughout the program, she focused on developing and implementing a district-wide, locally sourced salad bar. The impacts of her project will expand beyond her team. “I want to offer cooking classes, gardening opportunities, and environmental stewardship initiatives by partnering with community colleges,” said Valdez.

Nick Dramis felt overworked and passionless after ten years of working in private-sector food service. As a trained chef, he wanted a career where he could make an impact and maintain a work-life balance for his family. Taking a pay cut and adding a commute to gain the required school food experience, Dramis joined Marysville Joint Unified School District and is now the Supervisor of Culinary Operations.

Using skills learned through the HSFP Fellowship program, Dramis made a tasteful impact at the high school level by introducing a smoker into their kitchens. “Incorporating more vegetables in school food has been a regional goal, and traditional equipment only really allows you to serve grilled vegetables,” Dramis shared. He saw the opportunity to use familiar flavor profiles with plant-based options and has shared his best practices with neighboring districts. Dramis is also expanding smoked options into middle schools after hosting several successful events where parents sampled menu offerings.

Randal “RJ” Lane developed a passion for culinary arts as a child but felt the pressure to study at a traditional college. After graduation, he realized there wasn’t a clear career pathway for his area of study and decided to work in the restaurant industry, leading him to own a bakery. After 25 years of 100-hour work weeks and with his own family, he was at a crossroads. Lane decided to try something he described as “fundamentally” different.

Working as District Chef in West Contra Costa Unified School District, Lane has already made positive changes in his region, including adding Combi ovens to create higher quality meals in a shorter time, developing a new recipe library, and is soon to be facilitating the first regional school food convening. “Training is the number one way to [upskill workers], but it can’t be one and done; it has to be constant and consistent,” said Lane. “Chef Ann Foundation is supporting us through their apprenticeship and fellowship models.”

Warren Ryan worked in the hospitality industry for most of his career and faced long hours without the benefits he needed to raise a family. He learned about the family-friendly work schedules, benefits, and opportunities offered within school districts and applied as a chef. Ryan is currently the Assistant Director of Nutrition Services at San Bernardino Unified School District (SBUSD).

Ryan’s capstone project for the HSFP Program enabled him to reimagine the district’s fresh food procurement process, reducing food waste and expanding scratch-cooked menus. They now offer more complex menu items like carne asada burritos, which he made happen by upskilling his employees on different in-house food preparation practices. He has also become a regional change maker by sharing best practices and working with his HSFP cohort to realign job descriptions and training to match industry needs.


People participating in a Cannabis training class

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