State Plan

Consistent with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the State Board has developed a Unified State Plan to guide the workforce system.

The State Plan, “Skills Attainment for Upward Mobility; Aligned Services for Shared Prosperity”, provides the policy framework and direction for day-to-day operations of WIOA-funded programs, while also laying out a vision for collaboration with non-WIOA programs that provide relevant programs and services.

The State Plan has three overarching policy objectives. These objectives affect both state-level policy and administrative practices across programs, as well as local policy and service delivery:

  • Fostering “demand-driven skills attainment”
  • Enabling upward mobility for all Californians
  • Aligning, coordinating, and integrating programs and services

Across California, regional partnerships have developed to address the state’s workforce challenges. The role of state agency and state department plan partners under the State Plan is to help develop regional leadership and local and regional program alignment and scale by means of coordinated policy direction, program oversight, program support, and technical assistance for and to local and regional service providers covered by the plan. State Plan, state agency and departmental partners are shown in the sidebar to the right. View the full plan now.

For a brief overview of the plan, view the State Plan Executive Summary.

State Plan Final Appendices (2018 Modifications)

Local Workforce Development Board Regional Plans 2017- 2020
View regional plans and their associated partners.


Local Board Executive Summaries and Strategic Plans PY2017-2020
Local workforce system details, including links to local strategic plans and America's Job Centers of California. Provides further information about the role of local workforce development boards.

Archive of 2018 State Plan Modification Documents
Regional and Local Plan Modifications PY18-19

 Provides WIOA-mandated guidance for workforce development throughout the state.

Related Plan Resources and Documents

State Plan Executive Summary (plain text)
Revisions to the California Unified State Plan (plain text)

State Plan by Individual Components – see below*

State Plan Approval

US Department of Labor Approval Letter for the California Unified Strategic Workforce Development Plan
US Department of Labor Final Approval Letter

Additional Resources

WIOA Regional Planning Units Map
Regional-Local Plan Guidance Clarification

*State Plan by Individual Components

Unified State Plan Preface through Chapter 9 
WIOA Appendix A (Title I Program)
WIOA Appendix B (Title II Program) 
WIOA Appendix C (Wagner-Peyser and Ag Plan) REVISED
WIOA Appendix D (Title IV Program, DOR)
WIOA Appendix E (Original Labor Market Analysis, Further Detail)
WIOA Appendix F (RPU Profiles)
WIOA Appendix G (Agreements)
California WIOA Unified Strategic Workforce Development Plan 2016-2020 (Original Plan Prior to 2018 Modifications)


CWDB Resources

California Workforce Development Board Policy Briefs
Policy briefs intended to provide Local Boards and their local and regional planning partners with useful information on best practices and model partnerships they should consider as they work to realize the policy objectives of the WIOA State Plan.

25% Additional Assistance Grants
To view grants approved to provide services to dislocated workers resulting from large layoff events, please visit this link.

State Workforce Development Board Bylaws 2016

Additional Resources

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Implementation Resources
Find information and access to current state, federal and national resources regarding the implementation of WIOA in California.

EDD WIOA Statewide Policy and Guidance Resources
When the State Board recommends to the Governor or acts through its own authority to establish policies and provide information and guidance to the state workforce development system, these actions are also published by the Employment Development Department in the form of Directives and Information Notices.