High Road Construction Careers

What are High Road Construction Careers?

The California Workforce Development Board oversees a suite of investments and policy initiatives to advance construction careers as a reliable pathway to the middle class for disadvantaged Californians. The High Road Construction Careers program prioritizes partnerships that link local building and construction trades councils to workforce boards, community colleges, and community-based organizations, creating structured pathways — with a standard core curriculum and critical supportive services — to state-certified apprenticeships in a variety of crafts. These efforts build systems and policies that directly advance the State Plan goals of equity (access to skills and economic opportunity) and job quality (connections to careers with decent wages and benefits).

Through various state funding sources (e.g., Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, Road Repair & Accountability Act/SB 1, and CA Clean Energy Jobs Act/Prop 39), the CWDB has invested and continues to invest millions of dollars in pre-apprenticeship partnerships across California. These investments connect programs directly to regional labor market demand through a campaign to expand the use of Community Workforce Agreements, which wrap targeted local hire provisions into public infrastructure projects, including projects critical to safeguarding the environment and climate.

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HRCC: SB 1 Program

The purpose of the HRCC: SB 1 program is to advance careers in the building and construction trades as a reliable pathway to the middle class for disadvantaged Californians through:

  • Investments in pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training partnerships that lead to both personal and professional development of high-need individuals and at-risk populations.
  • Regional collaboration to ensure a demand-driven approach to workforce development to meet both labor market demand and industry needs leading to employment.
  • Incorporating and/or leveraging existing or emerging policies and initiatives (especially those related to environmental and climate change) that are shaping the future of workforce.

Award Announcement
The California Workforce Development Board is pleased to announce the availability of up to $14 million for the High Road Construction Careers: SB 1 program at this time.

Request for Applications (updated 11/20/2019)

Application Forms
Program Narrative
Program Narrative (without tables)*
HRCC: SB 1 Application Workbook

*1/10/2020 – The original Program Narrative template was designed to comply with Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards. To accommodate applicants that are having formatting issues with the tables/text, the CWDB has created a Program Narrative template without the tables. Both templates contain the same questions. Applicants are encouraged to work with the template that works best for them and either format will be accepted.
If using the template with the tables, and blank pages or spaces are occurring, please note that the blank pages will not count towards the 20 page limit. If you have blanks in your program narrative, please state this in your email when you submit your application. Include the total number of pages you have, the total number of pages that are blank and the page number they are in.

RFA Resources
SB1 RFA Resource Guide
HRCC Regional Map
Prop 39 Leads
MC3 Providers (provided by NABTU)
HRCC: SB1 Program Application Workshop (PDF)
HRCC: SB1 Program Application Workshop (Plain Text/Accessible)

*There will not be a Q&A posting Friday, 11/29. The next Q&A posting will be Friday, 12/6.

Important Dates

RFA Posting November 4, 2019
Application Workshop
Register for Application Workshop
November 13, 2020
Weekly Q&A Posting
Email all questions to HRCC@CWDB.CA.GOV
Last Q&A will be posted on January 17, 2019*
*Deadline to submit final questions is January 16, 2019, 3:00 PM Pacific Time
Applications Due January 20, 2020 (***Due to the holiday observed on Monday, January 20th, 2020, the deadline to submit the HRCC: SB1 Program Application has been extended and will now be due on Tuesday, January 21st by 3:00 PM Pacific Time.***)
Award Announcement April 1, 2020
Program Start Date *with executed contraction stipulation September 1, 2020


Technical Assistance funding opportunities will be released late 2019/early 2020.

Senate Bill No. 1: The Road Repair & Accountability Act of 2017

SB 1 Guidelines
Standards for pre-apprenticeship in the construction sector. Developed pursuant to SB 1, these construction pre-apprenticeship standards are applicable across industry segments, policy areas, and workforce investments.

For information and updates on SB 1, please contact HRCC@CWDB.CA.GOV



Proposition 39: California Clean Energy Jobs Act

Since 2014, the California Workforce Development Board has invested $13.3M of Proposition 39 Clean Energy Job Creation funds to build twelve construction pre-apprenticeship partnerships across the state. These pilot projects – the backbone of the CWDB High Road Construction Careers initiative – are creating a coherent system of energy efficiency focused job-training and placement programs serving disadvantaged Californians. Prop 39 partnerships build regional pipelines to middle class careers for at-risk youth, women, justice-involved, and other disadvantaged or under-represented job seekers. Using the National Building Trades Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3), these pilots have prepared more than 2,500 disadvantaged Californians for a future in construction careers. Partnering with local Building Trades Councils (BTCs) and the state certified apprenticeship community, Prop 39 programs bring together community, education and workforce organizations to create the critical link between pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs. Graduates earn an industry-valued credential and are connected to joint-labor management State Registered Apprenticeship Programs

Prop 39 Annual Report (2019)