High Road Construction Careers

What are High Road Construction Careers?

The Board oversees a suite of investments and policy initiatives to advance construction careers as a reliable pathway to the middle class for disadvantaged Californians. Through Prop 39 (Clean Energy Job Creation Act), SB1 (Road Repair and Accountability Act), and related state programs the Board is investing nearly $40M in pre-apprenticeship partnerships across the state. These partnerships link local building trades councils to workforce boards, community colleges, and community-based organizations, creating structured pathways — with a standard core curriculum and critical supportive services — to state-certified apprenticeships in a variety of crafts. The State Board is working to connect such programs directly to regional labor market demand through a campaign to expand the use of Community Workforce Agreements, which wrap targeted local hire provisions into public climate and infrastructure projects. Beyond expanding registered apprenticeship, these efforts build systems and policies that directly advance the State Plan goals of equity (access to skills and economic opportunity) and job quality (connections to careers with decent wages and benefits).


SB 1

**SB 1 Update**
RFA Release: Fall 2019
Awards Announced: Spring 2020
Grant Implementation: Summer 2020

SB1 Workforce Guidelines

For information and updates on SB 1, please contact HRCC@CWDB.CA.GOV.

Proposition 39 & Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Pipeline for Ex-Offenders

Proposition 39

Since 2014, the California Workforce Development Board has invested $13.3M of Proposition 39 Clean Energy Job Creation (Prop 39) funds to build twelve construction pre-apprenticeship partnerships across the state. These pilot projects – the backbone of the CWDB High Road Construction Careers initiative – are creating a coherent system of energy efficiency focused job-training and placement programs serving disadvantaged Californians. Prop 39 partnerships build regional pipelines to middle class careers for at-risk youth, women, justice-involved, and other disadvantaged or under-represented job seekers. Using the National Building Trades Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3), these pilots have prepared more than 2,000 disadvantaged Californians for a future in construction careers. Partnering with local Building Trades Councils (BTCs) and the state certified apprenticeship community, Prop 39 programs bring together community, education and workforce organizations to create the critical link between pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs. Graduates earn an industry-valued credential and are connected to joint-labor management State Registered Apprenticeship Programs

Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Pipeline for Ex-Offenders

Since 2017, the California Workforce Development Board has invested $2.85M to build the capacity of four construction pre-apprenticeship programs to serve and train formerly incarcerated job seekers. These projects are building an evidence-base for working with the re-entry community to meet industry demand and advance employment outcomes for one of California’s most disadvantaged populations. In California, 46% of individuals released from state prisons are re-convicted of a crime within three years. Locked out of opportunities, formerly incarcerated individuals face a revolving door of recidivism. These Pipeline projects break this cycle by preparing formerly incarcerated individuals for sustainable union construction careers. Utilizing the National Building Trades MC3 curriculum in conjunction with supportive services, graduates earn industry-valued credentials and are connected to state-certified apprenticeships that offer a livable wage, comprehensive benefits, and don’t discriminate based on an individual’s background. While past State funding created partnerships between pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, this funding allowed programs to add the critical connection to correctional agencies, paving the pathway for a prison to employment pipeline.

2019 Prop 39 Annual Update

Prop 39 Project Overviews 2019

MC3 Flow Chart

For information and updates on Prop 39 & Pipeline, please email Der Xiong, der.xiong@cwdb.ca.gov