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“Regionalism is a place for organizing resources, effective approaches, systems, and leadership to achieve scale and impact from existing workforce programs. The end-game is not regionalism for its own sake; it’s to get more Californians into good jobs, with a focus on those traditionally left out of economic prosperity.”

– Tim Rainey, Executive Director,
California Workforce Development Board

The objective of regionalism is to enhance partnerships, create collaboration among multiple workforce systems, improve resources, and develop effective and innovative approaches by bringing key workforce leaders together. The focus is to strategically scale successes and to generate impact throughout our workforce system that will enrich working conditions and provide livable wages throughout our state. The exact manner in which these goals and enhanced partnerships are coordinated throughout the state varies from region to region, due to the uniqueness of each Regional Planning Unit (RPU). To support the development of strong regions, the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) continues to invest in regional capacity building through professional development, training, promoting regional advocacy, and providing regional technical assistance.

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Regional Organizers
Regional Organizers (ROs) positions are funded by the CWDB and the ROs are hired by the Local Workforce Development Boards (LWDBs) in each RPU. The RO’s are tasked to support ongoing efforts to enhance collaboration of regional workforce leaders and implement the Regional Plans. They are also responsible for assisting the LWDB Directors to develop and maintain regional communication and governance structures, to support industry sector partnerships, and coordinate with other initiatives to assist with accomplishing regional goals.

Regional Training Coordinators
Regional Training Coordinators (RTCs) positions are funded by the CWDB and are hired by LWDB Directors in each region to work with the California Workforce Association (CWA) to develop and implement the regional training plan. The RTCs are charged with ensuring that workforce staff and regional workforce partners receive training and professional development opportunities to ensure regional plan goals are fulfilled. RTCs also provide the necessary oversight and coordination of all regionally based professional development opportunities for staff and partners within the RPU.

Technical Assistance Providers
The contracted Regional Technical Assistance providers will assist the CWDB to provide ongoing high-level technical in an effort to meet the needs of the RTCs and ROs throughout the state. The goal of the technical assistance providers is to help the RPUs address challenges, barriers, break down silos, address administrative inefficiencies, and/or implementation efforts to fulfill efforts to accomplish goals as outlined in the RPUs Regional Plan.

The evaluation is designed as a formative evaluation designed to help CWDB evaluate regional plan implementation efforts, explore the lessons learned, provide real-time recommendations to address ongoing issues impacting policy direction, regional coordination, service delivery and better understand the alignment between the regional plan implementation efforts and the vision outlined in California’s Strategic Workforce Plan.

Grant Opportunity

Regional Plan Implementation (RPI) 5.0

The California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) and the Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) are pleased to announce $2,000,000 in competitive grants to fund Regional Plan Implementation 5.0.

Access full grant program, solicitation, and funding information here.

Previous Grant

Regional Equity and Recovery Program

The California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) and the Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) are pleased to announce $24,050,000 in competitive grants to fund Regional Equity and Recovery Partnerships (RERP) between Local Workforce Development Boards and Community College Regional Consortia.

Access full grant program, solicitation, and funding information here.

General Resources

CWDB, EDD, LWDA & FOW, WIOA & DOL Reference Materials/Links
Regional Map and Local Boards

This tab will provide regions access to the most recent and up to date regional maps commonly referenced to that the region may find helpful.

List of Local Boards
Local Board within each RPU

Race and Equity

This tab will provide regions information, trainings, resources, and tools that may be helpful when further implementing or evaluating current Race, Equity, and Diversity efforts. For procured trainings available on the California Workforce Association California Training Initiative list, be sure to reference the Regional Training Resources & Commonly Used Websites tab. Additionally, training topics are available in the Employment Development Department Training Catalog located in the CWDB, EDD, LWDA & FOW, WIOA & DOL Reference Materials/Links.

Disability Access Trainings, Resources, and Tools

Workforce Partners Information/Links

This tab will provide links, tools, and resources regions may find beneficial to reference or utilize when interested in engaging other workforce partners.

Education Partners

Regional Organizer Resources

Regional Training Resources & Commonly Used Websites

Regional Training Resources & Commonly Used Websites
RTC Commonly Used Websites/Resources

This tab will provide the Regional Training Coordinator with multiple resources and sites to free training opportunities, resources, and tools that will assist with ensuring their region is receiving access to training and professional development opportunities. Visit the following additional tabs for additional training resources/opportunities:

  • CWA CTI Resources/Tools
  • Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – Disability Access Training, Resources, and Tools
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning Opportunity Presentations and Resources



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Past Meeting Materials
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      Regional Technical Assistance Conference Call



This publications tab has been created to provide and highlight some publications you may find helpful as you further implement regional strategies in your region.

Ascend – Toni White – Employer Empowerment PowerPoint

Visit the website to request The Street Guide To Constructive PossessionHow Not to Get Arrested for Other People’s Illegal Stuff

California Workforce Development Board’s Prison to Employment & CDCR’s Presentation on ARCAID on YouTube.
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Peer-to-Peer Learning Opportunity Presentations and Resources

April 13, 2021
Presented by Robert Meyer and Elsa Wadzinski from the Employment Training Panel.

Presentation:   Collaborate with Employment Training Panel to Sustain Your Efforts 

Description:  This Peer-to-Peer presentation will highlight the Employment Training Panel’s statewide partnerships, challenges, and implementation efforts that leverage technical assistance to help scale skills training and upgrade efforts locally and regionally.

Presentation Resources:

March 11, 2021
Presented by Carma Lacy from the Orange County Workforce Development Board, Jennifer Openshaw and Steve Zales from Girls With Impact (Youth Impact)

Presentation:  Successful Strategy Used to Implement a WIOA Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Description:  This Peer-to-Peer collaborative presentation highlights a very successful youth entrepreneurship program using WIOA strategy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Attached:  

February 9, 2021
Presenter:    California Labor Federation, NCIDC, and La Cooperativa Campesina.

Presentation: Collaborative Rapid Response Consultants  

Description:  This Peer-to-Peer collaborative presentation will highlight each of the consultants funded by the State of California to provide specialized and collaborative rapid response services to specific populations.

 Presentation Resources:

  • Attached:  

January 5, 2021
Presented by: Workforce Development Board of Madera County and Merced County Workforce Development Board – WorkNet

Presentation: Holistic Approaches to Meet Community, Job Seekers, and Employer Needs

Description: During this event attendees learned how the Workforce Development Board of Madera collaborated with multiple community based organizations and workforce partners to successful create and provide two outreach and resource drive-thru events. Additionally, the Merced County Workforce Development Board-WorkNet shared how they implemented a successful business engagement strategy that helped employers and job seekers. Both holistic approaches were implemented in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presentation Resources:

December 3, 2020

Presented by: San Diego Workforce Partnership, with support from UC San Diego Extension

Presentation: Collaborating to Implement a Successful Specialized Certification Program

Description: During this event attendees learned how the San Diego Workforce Partnership and UC San Diego Extension collaborated, to share their experience, efforts, and program design implementing successful specialized certification programs. They also provided recommendation on how to implement a specialized certification program and partnerships to consider having in place before certification programs are embarked upon in your area/region. Many of their collaborative specialized certification programs cater to many professional roles in the workforce industry as well. 

Presentation Resources:

November 10, 2020

Presented by: NOVA Workforce Development Board

Presentation: Reimaging Workforce Services for a Virtual World

Description: During this event attendees learned how the NOVA Workforce Development Board rapidly transitioned in-person workforce services to a virtual service delivery model. Attendees also learned more about:

  • NOVAworks culture of Customer-Center Design
  • Geographic advantages to online remote service offerings
  • Online curriculum – MyPlan
  • Technology needs
  • Foundational priorities
  • Registration and Document challenges
  • Outcomes – LA County Experience

Presentation Resources:

October 29, 2020
Presented by: Employment Development Department (EDD) – Special Initiatives, Populations, and Support Unit, Department of Rehabilitation – Disability Access Unit, and EDD – Equal Employment Opportunity Office

Presentation: In Honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Description: Attendees were able to attend this rare collaborative presentation that allowed them to learn more about specific statewide services each department provides, receive valuable resources, tools, recommendations, and obtained status on future professional development training opportunities. Attendees were also provided time for questions and answers.

Presentation Resources:

October 20, 2020
Presented by: Capital Regions Regional Organizers from Sacramento Employment and Training Agency and Valley Vision

Presentation: Addressing Digital Literacy through Regional Collaboration

Description: During this event attendees learned how the Capital Regional Planning Unit, through partnership and support from Valley Vision (non-profit organization), worked collaboratively to address digital literacy throughout their region. They discuss their successful regional partnership, digital literacy research, major milestones accomplished, challenges, and their outcomes. They also provide a wealth of credible and helpful resources. Attendees were provided time for questions and answers.

Presentation Resources:

September 23, 2020
Presented by: South Bay Workforce Investment Board and Employment Development Department ETPL Coordinator

Presentation: Navigating through Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)

Description: During this event attendees were provided an opportunity to learn how the South Bay Workforce Investment Board, with support from the Employment Development Department, ETPL Coordinator navigate through ETPL to provide customer-focused employment training resources for adults and dislocated workers. They discussed their local process, shared examples on how the State supported their efforts, milestones accomplished, challenges, and outcome. They also answered questions asked by attendees.

Presentation Resources:

August 21, 2020
Presented by: OneLA Regional Initiative

Presentation: Capitalizing on Partnerships

Description: During this event attendees were provided an opportunity to learn from and ask questions regarding how the OneLA Regional Initiative developed, enhanced, and capitalized on their partnerships to drive and implement their Social Entrepreneur Program efforts by implementing high road concepts to fulfill industry and future entrepreneur needs.

Presentation Resources:

July 10, 2020
Presented by: Fresno Workforce Connection

Presentation: Virtual Job Fairs (Three Separate Sectors)

Description: The Fresno Workforce Connection shared their experience and implementation efforts as they hosted three (3) back to back virtual job fairs on three (3) separate sectors: Retail, Government, and Supply Chain during COVID-19.

Presentation Resources:

June 11, 2020
Presented by: Solano Workforce Development Board

Presentation: Layoff Aversion Fund (L.O.A.F.) – Small Business Mini-Grant in the Midst of COVID-19

Description: Solano Workforce Development Board shared their experience and implementation efforts as they addressed the needs of Small Businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Presentation Resources:

May 19, 2020
Presented by: California Workforce Association (CWA)

Presentation: Virtual Platforms Webinar

Description: CWA highlighted four (4) virtual platforms, resources, and tools that can be used/invested to assist statewide workforce staff with determining which virtual platforms can assist with providing virtual services to job seekers and employers. The four (4) virtual platforms highlighted are: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Remo,

Presentation Resources: