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July 2016 ELL Convening in Sacramento, and Subsequent Webinar Training for CBOs Regarding the WIOA Planning Process

On December 8th, the California Workforce Association (CWA), the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), and the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) hosted a Webinar on “Workforce, Immigrants, and How to Engage in the Regional/Local Workforce Planning Process.” Speakers included Nick Demola from CWA, Josh Stehlik from NILC, and Dan Rounds from the CWDB.

We encourage community partners to identify their local boards and engage in the local planning process. We have created a one-page resources sheet with useful links that can help navigate key materials such as the State WIOA Plan, the Local/Regional Guidance and other resources that provide useful background.

For additional questions, please feel free to contact Jennifer Hernandez at the Labor & Workforce Development Agency at Jennifer.Hernandez@labor.ca.gov.  To subscribe to future updates and information send an e-mail to ELL@CWDB.CA.GOV and put “Add Me” in the subject line. 

Announcement of Awardees

How To Serve ELLs Bibliography

Please find below links to the Presentations and an audio recording of the webinar.

CWDB Planning Guidance Presentation
Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act Resources
NILC WIOA Overview 12-8-16

“As more than one-third of the workforce and growing, immigrants are an integral part of our state’s economic success and critical to our current and future workforce. California has the opportunity to address the language, education and skills needs of our immigrant and English language-learner populations.  In doing so, it can ensure our workforce system is best-suited to lift people out of poverty and onto a path of upward mobility.

It takes a skilled workforce to grow an economy.  Our employers, workers, communities, and the state’s economy will be well-served and receive an advantage from investing in the full potential of our growing immigrant workforce.” Labor and Workforce Development Agency Secretary David Lanier

On Thursday, July 21st nearly 100 workforce, adult education, community college, local board, one stop providers,  community organizations, and social service partners came together to discuss how in collaboration with State Government partners we can better serve English language learners and immigrants in the workforce system. The convening was sponsored by the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency and the state Workforce Development Board, working in close collaboration with the state’s Director of Immigrant Integration (housed in the Governor’s office), the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, the California Department of Education, as well as other state agencies. Below are links to pictures, presentations and other helpful information. Please be sure to look through it:


Pictures from the English Language Learners Convening

Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium Presentation

Glenn Davis Ready to Work Program Presentation

Amanda Bergson National Skills Coalition Presentation

Margie McHugh, Migration Policy Institute – Access to WIOA Services for California Presentation

English Language Learners Summary

Prezi Report Link

WIOA California Fact Sheet

Middle Skill Credentials and Immigrant Workers – California Untapped Assets

Upskilling the New American Workforce