Issues and Policies Committee

The Issues and Policies Committee was established on September 22, 2009 through the direction of the Chair of the State Board and the consent of its membership. The Committee’s Mission Statement is “to provide advice, counsel and recommendations to the full California Workforce Investment Board to improve Local Workforce Investment Board’s ability to increase the number of industry-valued credentials and the number of people placed in middle-skill occupations in sectors that provide economic security now and in the future, and to provide overall strategic recommendations to the full State Board in identifying the most critical policy priorities.”

At the direction of the Chair of the State Board, the Committee shall:

  • Review and develop statewide policies affecting provision of workforce development services.
  • Review and provide input on WIA Waiver Requests for recommendation to the State Board and submission to the Department of Labor
  • Review and provide input on other guidance provided to local workforce investment areas
  • Provide input and review of the WIA State Strategic Plan, Annual Report, and other plans and reports as deemed necessary by the Chair of the State Board
  • Act as a clearinghouse for issue discussions on the state’s economic environment for the purpose of identifying emerging issues and recommending actions that contribute to the continuous improvement of the statewide workforce development system and alignment of the workforce system partners
  • Assist other Special Committees with the implementation of sector strategies/initiatives by developing policy framework consistent with a state sector strategy approach.
  • Provide for cross-system collaboration in developing policy issue papers for the State Board’s consideration.