Disability Access Trainings, Resources, and Tools

This tab will provide regions available tools and resources that may be helpful when further implementing or evaluating Disability Access to better sure populations with visible and hidden disabilities. For procured trainings available on the California Workforce Association California Training Initiative list, be sure to reference Regional Training Resources & Commonly Used Websites tab. Additionally, training topics are available in the Employment Development Department Training Catalog located in the CWDB, EDD, LWDA & FOW, WIOA & DOL Reference Materials/Links.

Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) Trainings/Resources

The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) was designated by the Office of the Governor to serve as the lead state agency in California’s efforts to implement the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) in state government and established Disability Access Services (DAS) in 1992 to promote disability rights in state government. Below are some resources and links to assist with workforce staff and partners ongoing professional development/training efforts:

    1. How to Request DOR Accessibility Trainings (PDF)
    2. DOR Disability Access Services Training List and Descriptions (PDF)
    3. DOR No Cost Training Link
    4. DOR LEAP Certification Website
    5. DOR Schedule A – Employment with the Federal Government for People with Disabilities Website
    6. DOR YouTube – LEAP Webinars – Modules 1-4
    7. DOR YouTube – Schedule A – Employment with the Federal Government for People with Disabilities Webinars – Modules 1-3
    8. California Department of Fair Employment and Housing: Reasonable Accommodation 
    9. Job Accommodation Network -Training, Resources, Tools, Etc.

Disability Access Consultants (DAC) offers a full continuum of accessibility compliance services and software to assist business and public entities in compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

Disability Access Consultants information can be found at: http://www.adaconsultants.com/

ADA Live!
ADA Live! is a podcast that addresses different issues involving ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), produced by Southeast ADA Center. The below link is a 35 minute podcast on Employment Law Developments & Advocacy Strategies for Workers & Job Seekers with Disabilities. Steven Mendelsohn- Attorney, Advocate, and Author- discusses how people with disabilities can benefit from information about key recent developments in the law and from analysis of their practical implications in everyday life.