Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development Council

The Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development Council was put together to be able help California develop better strategies to propel our economy forward into the year 2013 and beyond. California Workforce Investment Board’s (State Board) Strategic Plan states that California’s economy of tomorrow is built on investment in training and education to prepare a globally competitive, highly-skilled workforce.  The focus of the State Board is “advanced manufacturing” to stress that that the future of manufacturing in California will be based on innovative businesses, highly technological solutions, and highly skilled workers.


The Manufacturing Council’s Action Goals are:

  1. Mobilize a network of regional collaborations made-up of education, economic and workforce development systems to forge new partnerships with businesses to train workers for good-paying jobs in advanced manufacturing.
  2. Achieve regional braiding of disparate resources through innovative and proven strategies to accelerate the increase of to gain industry-recognized, nationally-portable certifications in fields like welding, machining and engineering.
  3. Leverage public and private national, state, and regional partnership networks to train and educate 1,000 Californians in advanced manufacturing career technical education and training programs.