Board Policies

When the California Workforce Investment Board recommends to the Governor or acts through its own authority to establish statewide policies and provide information and guidance to the statewide workforce investment system, these actions are also published by the Employment Development Department in the form of Directives and Information Notices. The links can also be viewed on EDD’s Workforce Services Directives webpage

Those links are provided to you below.

  • WSD13-8 – WIA Statewide Waivers and State Plan 2013-2017
  • WSD13-6 – Final State Level W-PA, WIA, and LWIA Performance Goals for PY 2013-14
  • WSD15-23 – Transfer of Funds – WIOA Adult/Dislocated Worker Programs
  • WSD13-1 – Authorization to Work Verification Requirements
  • WSD12-9 – Criminal Record Restrictions and Impact Based on Race and Nationality
  • WSD16-18 – Selective Service Registration
  • WSD11-9 – WIA Training Expenditure Requirements
  • WSD10-2 – Biennial Local Workfroce Investment Area Self Assessment
  • WSD06-21 – Workforce Training Act Implementation Guidance
  • Biennial Local Workforce Investment Area Self-Assessment
  • Workforce Training Act (SB 293) Implementation Guidance
  • Notification Requirement Relating to Lack of One-Stop MOUs
  • Local Workforce Investment Area Modification Process