State Youth Vision Team (Inactive)


The California State Youth Vision Team (SYVT) shall be recognized as a bridge to linking public, private, for profit and nonprofit resources to connect youth most in need, ages 14 – 24, with youth serving agencies and high-growth employment opportunities.


The SYVT supports its vision by coordinating resources with its member agencies/organizations, exchanging information, and developing shared goals in order to empower its members to better serve disconnected youth, to include: Foster Youth, Juvenile Justice Youth, Youth of Incarcerated Parents, Youth with Disabilities, Migrant Youth, Native American and American Indian Youth, Out of School Youth, high school dropouts, runaway and homeless youth.

The State Board is seeking public comment on a CA Youth Program Design Waiver Draft and a CA Youth Work Readiness Waiver Draft being requested on behalf of the Los Angeles County WIB. The waivers support an ongoing partnership between the County Social Services Agency and the WIB that provides work experience and other services and leverages TANF and WIA funding. The Department of Labor has granted this waiver on numerous occasions in the past for use by the LA County WIB. The DRAFT waivers will be posted for public comment on the State Board’s website at address linked above until April 13, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. If you have any comments please contact us at 916-657-1440.