2013 Funding Opportunities

Dislocated Worker Training National Emergency Grant (CLOSED)

The Dislocated Worker Training National Emergency Grant funds have been allocated. Please see the attached PDF file here for more information.

The Employment Development Department (EDD) and the California Workforce Investment Board (State Board) are pleased to announce the availability of approximately $1.76 million in sub-grants.   EDD and the State Board will fund projects that fill critical health care workforce skill gaps by creating opportunities for California job seekers to earn industry-valued credentials and/or developing on-the-job training, internship, and other work-based learning modalities that expedite job placement in entry-level and middle skilled health care occupations.

In addition, the State Board is interested in funding projects that further advance the goals of the State Strategic Plan and build workforce system infrastructure and capacity through:

  • Collaboration among regional partners in the development and delivery of “earn and learn” and career pathway models in the health care sector.
  • Innovation that creates new or adapts existing approaches or accelerates application of promising practices in workforce development and skill attainment.
  • System change that utilizes these sub-grants to incentivize adoption of proven strategies and innovations that are sustained beyond the grant period.


Grant Proposal Questions and Answers

Cumulative questions and answers will be posted on a weekly basis (each Friday). The questions and answers can be found here.