Issue Briefs


The following publications provide a research-based context for policy discussions and recommendations facilitated by the Green Collar Jobs Council and are intended for informational purpose only.

Proposition 39: Jobs and Training for California’s Workforce
by Carol Zabin and Megan Emiko Scott, May 2013

“Proposition 39 allocates up to $550 million per year for five years for energy efficiency and clean energy projects in California’s public schools, community colleges, universities, and other public facilities and provides funding for workforce training. This report estimates the job and workforce impacts of Proposition 39 investments, including the occupational mix of jobs and the number of entry-level positions. It presents information on workers in two key sets of occupations: the building and construction workers who will be engaged in energy efficiency retrofits and clean energy installations, and the school facilities personnel who can reduce energy use through improved operations and maintenance of buildings and their systems. The report identifies potential training needs for the construction and school facilities workforce and estimates the number of workers that may require training for Proposition 39-funded projects. It also presents recommendations on program elements that can help ensure good jobs and workforce outcomes.”