State Board Executive Committee

The State Board Executive Committee is a Standing Committee. It is chaired by the State Board Chair and its required membership includes the Vice-Chair, the chairs of the Special Committees, the Secretary of the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, and the Executive Director of the State Board. The State Board Chair also has the discretion to appoint additional members to the State Board Executive Committee as deemed appropriate.

The State Board Executive Committee meets as required by State Board meetings, issues, activities, and workflow. It provides recommendations to the full State Board regarding standing committee assignments; coordinates the work of standing, special, and ad hoc committees; develops agendas for State Board meetings; and, in instances where urgency and time constraints do not permit items to be acted upon by the full State Board, takes necessary actions and makes necessary commitments on behalf of the State Board. All such actions and commitments shall be subject to ratification by the full State Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting.


  • Angelov Farooq, State Board Chair
    Owner – AVM Innovation Consulting, LLC
  • John Brauer
    WED Executive Director – California Federation of Labor
  • Jamil Dada
    Senior Financial Manager – Provident Bank-Riverside County Branches
  • Diane Factor
    Director – Worker Education and Resource Center (SEIU 721)
  • Mike Gallo
    President and Chief Executive Officer – Kelly Space and Technology, Inc.
  • Steve Levy
    Director and Senior Economist – Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy
  • Robert Redlo
    Consultant – Doctors Medical Center
  • Rita Saenz
    Director of the Employment Development Department
  • Abby Snay
    Deputy Secretary for the Future of Work
  • Jeremy Smith
    Deputy Legislative Director – State Building and Construction Trades Council of California
  • Bruce Stenslie
    President and Chief Executive Officer – Economic Development Collaborative, Ventura County
  • Secretary Natalie Palugyai
    Secretary – Labor and Workforce Development Agency
  • Shennui Weber
    Designee for Chancellor Eloy Oritz Oakley of the California Community Colleges
  • Joseph Williams
    Public Affairs Manager – Southern California Edison
  • Carol Zabin
    Research Director – University of California, Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education