2014 CPEC Funding Opportunities

California Career Pathways Trust

Funding has been appropriated as part of Assembly Bill 86 for the establishment of kindergarten through grade fourteen Career Pathways Programs in the form of one-time competitive grants.  Grants will be available for the 2014-15 fiscal year through the 2017-18 fiscal year.

The California Department of Education is pleased to announce the following competitive grant opportunity:

California Career Pathways Trust

Release Date:                     January 21, 2014

Due Date:                            March 28, 2014

Funding Stream(s):            Assembly Bill (AB) 86, Chapter 48, Statutes of 2013

Number of Awards:        15 grants at $600,000.00, 15 grants at $6,000,000.00, and 10 grants at 15,000,000.00.

Total Funds Available:     $249,750,000

For more information on this funding opportunity and its requirements, please refer to the California Career Pathways Trust Request for Applications.