Coastal Regional Planning Unit

The Coastal Region Regional Planning Unit (RPU) is an 11,783 mile area long California’s central coast made up of Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties, each with their own local workforce development area. The RPU offers two geographic areas for sub-region opportunity as based on commute patterns: the Monterey Bay area where Santa Cruz and Monterey counties meet and the area where southern San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara counties meet.

Coastal Region Strategic Workforce Development Plan

The RPU’s approach to regional planning is to build on new and recently developed initiatives and planning processes from various system partners, including the community college’s Strong Workforce initiative (2017), the Adult Education Block Grant consortia’s AB86 Final Plan and AB104 Consortia Plan update (2015), WIOA Phase I Partner Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among One-Stop system partners (2016), and workforce development industry sector engagement projects such as the Central Coast Slingshot (2016). The collaboration required among the local workforce development boards making up the RPU is long-standing as evidenced by the 2009 formation of the Workforce Collaborative of California’s Central Coast (WCCCC) to promote the region’s collective efforts to obtain funding.

Priority Industry Sectors

  • Healthcare Services
  • Hospitality/Accommodation/Tourism
  • Agriculture

Coastal Region Priority Goals - Activities in Bullets

Regional MOU/Admin Eff.
  • Aligning workforce efforts
  • Identify local board duties for streamlining
  • Ensure spent funds are diplicative
Non-profit Reorganization
  • Create non-profit tax exempt organization
  • Streamline processes and reduce duplication
  • Create leadership structures to improve communication
Continue Slingshot
  • Develop certificate program
  • Healthcare career awareness program
  • Expand Specialty Nursing Education
Business Engagement
  • Find better way to inform business
  • Develop a uniform message
  • Support coordinated outreach

For more information click on this Coastal Region RPU Workforce Development Strategic Plan

Regional Plan Implementation RFA

On behalf of the Coastal Region’s Workforce Boards, the Monterey Workforce Development Board is the fiscal agent for implementation funding. The funding will help implement the Coastal Region’s Workforce Development Plan Priority Goals which are summarized as follows:

  • Regional MOU and Admin efficiencies – Partnering with industry on sector pathways, aligning workforce efforts with education, and adopting strategies to support income mobility necessitate a regional approach to streamlining operations and implementing efficiencies across the RPU.
  • Non-profit Reorganization – Developing a non-profit, tax-exempt service organization for the region will allow the Coastal RPU to more efficiently manage regional funding and provide a regional oversight body, which enables the RPU to more effectively pursue and manage regional projects. 
  • Continue Slingshot work – Continue SlingShot Focus on Sector Initiatives in Healthcare. The intense and coordinated focus on healthcare provides an excellent opportunity for the Coastal RPU to develop regional sector pathways.
  • Business Engagement – The Coastal RPU seeks to identify a better way to inform businesses of the region’s business services offerings and develop a more uniform message.

The following proposed actions or strategies were developed jointly by the Local Workforce Development Boards.   The Regional Organizer has been designated by the Local Board Directors to support them in strengthening partnerships and regional coalitions, engaging employers and implementing the region’s priority workforce goals:

Coastal Region Indicators
Labor Market & Income Levels

  • Unemployment Rate (as of May 2016) : 8%
  • Number of Unemployed: 35,900
  • Population: 3 million
  • Median Household Income Range: $58,582 – $66,923
  • Percentage of Population Below Poverty Line: 2%

Individuals With Barriers to Employment

  • Number of Veterans: 78,669
  • Number of those with a disability: 130,320
  • Households with Public Assistance or Food Stamps: 35,218
  • Speak English less than “Very Well”: 237,150
  • Single Parent Households: 77,427
  • 18 years or older with less than a 9th Grade Education: 115,373
  • 25 years or older with less than high school diploma: 165,408

Accelerator Regionally – A History
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