State Plan Modification 2018

This page reflects State Plan updates and modifications including three new partnership agreements, new partner program descriptions, Title II and Title IV changes made by CDE and DOR, some additional language on providing services to the foreign born, an update on data-sharing efforts, and corrections of dated material, such as the number of Local Boards and the list of State Board Members.  There are no substantive policy changes.  State Plan amendments are posted for public comment, will be voted on by the full board on 2/15, and submitted to the federal government on 3/15.

Comments will be accepted until 5 p.m. on March 11, 2018, and must be submitted in writing through one of the following methods:

California Workforce Development Board
Attn: Unified State Plan Modification Comments
800 Capitol Mall, Suite 1022
Sacramento, CA  95814

Fax                                 916-657-1381

If you have any questions, please contact Marissa Clark at the State Board by e-mail at or by phone at 916-657-1446. Thank you

Revised Appendix A
Appendix A: Title I Program Specific Requirements and Assurance

Revised Appendix F
Revised Regional Planning Unit Summaries

New State Agency Partnership Agreements, Appendix G
CalFresh Employment and Training Partnership Agreement

Corrections Workforce Partnership for the Prison to Employment Initiative

DCSS_CWDB Partnership Agreement

Revised Agreements
Updated CIE Partnership Agreement with DOR

Additional Program Descriptions to Supplement Chapter 2 Content on Program Descriptions
California Prison Industry Authority Program Summary

CDCR Program Summary

DCSS Program Summary

DDS Program Summary

Summary of Changes to State Plan Concerning Local Workforce Development Areas and Boards
Updates to Lists of Local Workforce Development Areas and Boards

Revised Chapter 3
Revisions to Earn and Learn Strategies

Revised Chapter 4
Descriptive Changes and Updates to Chapter 4

Update on Data-Sharing Efforts, Chapter 6
Update on Data-Sharing Efforts

Updates to Chapter 7
Certification Process for Comprehensive AJCCs
New State Legislation
Revised California Workforce Development Board Organizational Chart
Summary of Modifications to Chapter 7

Modifications to Chapters 2 and 5 Concerning Services for Individuals with Disabilities
Modification to Unified State Plan Relevant to Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Additional language on the provision of services to English Language Learners, the foreign born, and refugees
WIOA Immigrants and Refugees

The California Department of Education Modifications to Title II, Adult Education and Family Literacy Act
CDE Title II Modification Explanation
Revision to Title II Section of the Unified State Plan

California Department of Rehabilitation Modifications to Unified State Plan
DOR VR Services Portion of the USP – 2018 Modification for Public Comment

California Employment Development Department Modifications to Unified State Plan
Program-Specific Requirements for Wagner-Peyser Program (Employment Services)


Additional State Plan Modifications


Proposed PY 2018-19 WIOA Title IB Performance Goals
  Adults Dislocated Workers Youth
Employment Rate 2nd Quarter After Exit 63.0% 65.0% 60.5% Employment or Placement Rate 2nd Quarter After Exit
Employment Rate 4th Quarter After Exit 60.5% 63.5% 62.0% Employment or Placement Rate 4thd Quarter After Exit
Median Earnings 2nd Quarter After Exit $5,200 $7,450 BASELINE Median Earnings
Credential Attainment within 4 Quarter After Exit 53.0% 57.0% 53.0% Credential Attainment within 4 Quarter After Exit