Sharon Hilliard

Director, Employment Development Department

Sharon Hilliard was appointed director of the EDD in February 2020. The EDD administers several multibillion-dollar benefit programs including the Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Paid Family Leave programs that provide financial stability to workers and their communities. The EDD also provides critical employment service programs to Californians, collects the state’s labor market information and employment data, and serves as one of the nation’s largest tax agencies through the collection of payroll taxes.

Hilliard brings to her position almost 37 years of state service in various capacities including chief deputy director of the EDD for seven years. She began her career in 1983 as a student assistant with the EDD while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Hilliard has been in a leadership role for much of her career, including as deputy director of the Tax Branch, chief of the Field Audit and Compliance Division, and chief of the Tax Processing and Accounting Division. In addition, she has held positions in the Tax Support Division, Integrity Accounting Division, and the Directorate’s Office.