Archived Meetings – All Other Special Committees and Ad hoc Workgroups

With the new strategic emphasis, direction and focus of the Workforce Development Board in Sector Strategies and Regional Economies, the Themes and Issues of the Special Committees are incorporated into these strategies. We thank the members for their work and participation on these Committees. Their meeting materials are provided here for your information.

Accountability in Workforce Development Committee

This Committee was charged with exploring and resolving issues under the following themes:

  • Improving State and local coordination between partner agencies and programs.
  • Identifying and achieving administrative efficiencies and better service integration in California’s workforce system.
  • Optimizing training and availability of funds

Business and Industry Committee

The Committee’s goal was to define how the workforce system can better serve business and industry, and how that can translate into improved occupational and career opportunities for future and current workers. The themes addressed by the Committee included:

  • Supporting and improving local business services.
  • Identifying and incorporating high-wage, high-growth jobs into career oriented service strategies.
  • Maximizing information regarding promising practices.
  • Supporting California’s small businesses.

Targeting Resources Committee

The Committee’s focus was on targeting workforce resources to special workforce populations, industries, businesses, workforce services, economic and labor market information, and geographical areas to have the greatest economic impact for the State. The themes addressed by this Committee included:

  • Advancing workers with barriers to employment.
  • Investing resources in vital industries with statewide labor shortages.
  • Continuing to improve State and local economic and labor market data.
  • Targeting limited resources to areas where they can have the greatest economic impact.

Life Long Learning Committee

The Committee’s focused on collaborating to improve California’s educational system at all levels by providing current and future workers with lifelong learning opportunities that are aligned with the new and changing economy. The major themes addressed by this Committee included:

  • Improving career technical and vocational education.
  • Improving Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth services, focusing on those youth most in need.
  • Addressing literacy needs.
  • Addressing apprenticeship programs.
  • Addressing lifelong learning.