Learning Communities

The WIOA Implementation Workgroup requested staff-driven “Learning Communities” that have been tasked to discuss program and policy alignment detail for the purposes of WIOA strategic planning for a Combined State Plan. Below are the three identified workgroups that will continue to meet on a regular basis as well as act in an ad hoc capacity for narrow subject-matter discussions. Included beneath the description of each workgroup are links to meeting materials used to facilitate discussion and meet expected goals of each meeting.

Mapping the Field Workgroup

This workgroup will meet to facilitate information exchange about the programs we operate so we can begin to identify areas of potential partnership. The workgroup will begin by discussing the requested information prepared by each agency, partner, and/or department.

March 17th, 2015 Presentation
April 7th, 2015 Presentation
Program Strategies List of Resources

Data Sharing, Performance Systems and Common Measures Workgroup

This workgroup will share information about existing data systems, performance measures, and will identify possibilities, requirements, and will conduct both needs and capacity assessments for implementing WIOA common performance metrics for core programs and will also act as an advisory body to facilitate and implement possible data-sharing and data-matching requirements for cross-system measurement of education and workforce outcomes.

March 24th, 2015 Presentation
April 9th, 2015 Presentation
WIA vs. WIOA Common Metrics side-By-Side
Workforce and Education: Connecting Performance to Policy Resource List

State, Regional and Local Service Coordination Workgroup

This group will meet to gather information and exchange ideas about service coordination and effectively implement WIOA in the state, regional, and local areas. Here, partners and potential partners will develop a roadmap using shared language, common knowledge, and shared goals to build the strategy and rationale for the state plan, and finally for WIOA implementation as a collaborative effort.

April, 1st 2015 Presentation
April 14th, 2015 Presentation
Common Program Strategies