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Serving English Language Learners in the Workforce System

With more than a third of California’s workforce being foreign born, and often struggling with English language proficiency and educational attainment we recognize that there are unique strategies to serve this population. One response is the launch of the ELL Navigator Pilot Program to learn more about the RFA Process, Awardees and other information, please visit the ELL Navigator RFA Process & Awardees Page. 

For up to date information about the ELL Navigator, visit the ALLIES Technical Assistance Website at: http://www.allies4innovation.org/our-work/el-navigator/

In an effort to better serve the ELL and immigrant workforce population, we will be using this page to share Resources on best practices and model partnerships, provide copies of materials from training webinars and more. Please check back frequently.

A list of Resources on how to serve English Language Learners can be found here: How To Serve ELLs Bibliography

Recent Resources:
Webinar Presentation: How to serve Farm-workers in Workforce

Webinar Playback

Webinar Presentation:
How to serve Immigrants, Refugees and English Language Learners in Workforce

Webinar Playback

Policy Brief: Serving English Language Learner (Ell) Populations Using Best Practices And Model Partnerships – To visit the link click here: English Language Learners Policy Brief January 2017

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