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ForwardFocus (AB 2060: Supervised Population Workforce Training Grant) aims to prepare ex-offenders (probation, parole, mandatory supervision, or post-release community supervision) for employment in industry sectors that are driving regional employment and high demand occupations within those sectors. Programs funded through this grant will create opportunities for the re-entry population through collaborative partnerships between local workforce boards, community based organizations, and probation/correction entities in order improve their qualifications for apprenticeship programs, community college career programs, and direct placement. The common goal of these projects is to provide success in education and careers, resulting in reduced recidivism rates, improved public safety, and return of economic benefits to individuals, families, and communities.

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Second Chance Employment for Gender Diverse Californians Webinar PPT (1/8/20) – (plain text version -Second Chance Employment Webinar)

ForwardFocus 2018 Interim Report to the Legislature
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