Stephanie Tsai Headshot

Stephanie Tsai

Equity, Climate, and Jobs Specialist

Prior to the CWDB, Stephanie led statewide policy advocacy on climate justice with the California Environmental Justice Alliance, lifting up the voices and needs of low-income communities of color across the state. Previously, she worked at the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, on the RePower LA project, pushing the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to prioritize clean energy and climate resilience, inclusive and accessible workforce development, and equitable service and rates for all. Before that, she worked with a number of other labor and nonprofit organizations, a public utility, and three different elected officials and candidates from the Bay Area. She has a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree from UCLA and a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley. Her experience as a policy advocate, researcher, and organizer fighting for social, economic, and environmental justice has helped her develop her strategic analytical skills, which she uses to support High Road Training Partnership projects in her work at the CWDB.