Amanda Hanna

Associate Governmental Program Analyst

Amanda joins the Partnership Alignment team at CWDB from the education industry. In her tenure as a California public educator, Amanda earned two teaching credentials, a Master’s in Education, performed in lead educator roles, and served as a committee member responsible for curriculum adoption.  Before her career in education, Amanda worked as a regional recruiting Account Manager responsible for sourcing qualified candidates to build a research and development team. Building partnerships is a common theme in Amanda’s career.  She has been a partner in a student’s learning journey, a facilitator of business-to-business partnerships, and a local volunteer, creating events benefiting local charities and schools.  As an outreach coordinator for CWBD, Amanda will support the team’s efforts in streamlining processes and support High Road Training Partnerships through collaboration with our UC partners.  Outside of the office, Amanda enjoys living an active lifestyle with her family. She enjoys snow and water sports, eating delicious food, traveling, and laughing as much as possible.