The overarching goal of California’s Strategic Workforce Development Plan is the reorientation and realignment of California’s workforce programs and institutions to support a dynamic and globally successful state economy that offers all residents – including the most vulnerable – an opportunity for a higher quality of life.

Projects highlighted on this page demonstrate the implementation of this vision by communities and regions throughout California. The projects have been broken out into their own separate links. Please click the link of interest to you.

California Technical Education - Youth Manufacturing

English Language Learner's Immigration Initiative

Equity, Climate and Jobs: Model High Road Training Partnerships

ForwardFocus: AB 2060 Supervised Population Workforce Training

Proposition 39 Pre-Apprenticeship Support, Training and Placement Grant

Regional Clusters Of Opportunity Grants (RICO)

Slingshot: Accelerating Income Mobility Through Regional Collaboration

Workforce Accelerator Fund

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Regional PY 2015-2016 Solicitation For Proposals



The California Workforce Development Board is now accepting applications for Workforce Accelerator 6.0 Projects.  For more information, click here.


The California Workforce Development Board and the Labor and Workforce Development Agency have announced additional SlingShot funds to boost, expand and/or sustain awardees' current SlingShot efforts. To see the award list click here.


The California Workforce Development Board and the Employment Development Department (EDD) have announced the Innovation Evaluation RFA award grants: Innovation Evaluation Award Announcement.

Workforce Accelerator Fund 5.0 Award Announcements

To view the award announcements click here.


Big Ideas in Workforce Innovation now available electronically, here.