California Workforce Development Board


Established by Executive Order in response to the mandate of the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 (Public Law 105-220), the Board assists the Governor in setting and guiding policy in the area of workforce development.

The California Workforce Development Board (State Board) is responsible for assisting the Governor in performing the duties and responsibilities required by the federal Workforce Investment Act of 2014.

All members of the Board are appointed by the Governor and represent the many facets of workforce development – business, labor, public education, higher education, economic development, youth activities, employment and training, as well as the Legislature.

The Board meets on a regular basis and the public is encouraged to attend the meetings. Decisions are reached through a collaborative process.

The Board’s Strategic Plan directs its work in providing guidance to the statewide workforce investment system.

The California Workforce Development Board Business Services Resource Catalog Volume II, Issue 2 is now available!

  • Workforce Accelerator Fund Award Announcement
    The State Board is pleased to announce the Accelerator 4.0 awardees. Please follow the link to our Initiatives Page for the full list of awardees.
  • CalWORKs Policy Brief
    Building Career Pathways for CalWORKs Participants Using Best Practices and Model Partnerships. Read more about it here. Click on the link.
  • English Language Learners
    Labor and Workforce Development Agency Secretary David Lanier recently met with close to 100 partners in the workforce system on ways better serve English language learners and immigrants in the workforce, adult education, social services and a myriad of other areas. Please follow the link to read more.

The California Workforce Development Board is committed to ensuring support and assistance to small businesses in California. If you are a small business owner and need assistance with hiring employees, job training, or other matters, please contact our Small Business Liaison.


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